Groundbreaking Processor Market and Technology (CPU/GPU) – LIVE MARKET BRIEFING

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Market briefing and technology reveal of the latest processor products

Moore’s law has been slowed down but it has not yet reached its limit, semiconductor processor manufactures have rolled out their latest products using the smallest technology node in the market. The groundbreaking processor chips integrate several functions that allow for exceptional performance.  The processors are fully optimized for remote work capabilities and designed to cater for different consumer and industrial applications. Chip size and architecture play a vital role in the component function and manufacturing cost. Apple has penetrated the processor market with their first inhouse designed System on Chip product that has created shockwaves throughout the processor and computer world. It features a software-hardware integration inside the processor that enables a compact, efficient processor for personal computing that outcompetes many premium microprocessors.

While Apple’s corner of the broader PC market is relatively small, it is regarded at the high end of performance and user-experiences.  Thus, the decision to pivot away from x86-based processors is a vote of confidence for the ARM-based architecture that has been a mainstay in mobile device.  Other PC OEMs are taking note to understand whether and how they can replicate Apple’s success.  Further market repercussions into datacenter computing would be harder to imagine, but players who would never consider a major architecture change due to high switching costs, now have an example from Apple on how it can be done.

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