High-Performance Accelerometer Application in Navigation, Stabilization, Control and Surveying – Webinar

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Yole Développement invites you to attend this webinar on focuses on high-performance accelerometers and the burgeoning applications and fast-expanding markets they are opening up.

Beginning with a market survey of MEMS history and technical development, including the latest silicon manufacturing advances, the presenters zero in on the means and the benefits of high-performance inertial systems. A revolutionary new silicon-microelectro-mechanical systems (Si-MEMS) accelerometer is unleashing dramatic market growth over the next five years.

This user-friendly solution combines compactness with high-level performance, opening up a whole new portfolio of accelerometer applications

We take a look inside the manufacturing process to see just how this is accomplished: with a high-sensitivity vibrating beam principle, using differential design for common mode error rejection and custom damping to improve performance under vibration. This suits the end product especially for safety-critical and high-stress environments.

Smart integration of the MEMS accelerometer forms the next step, for manufacturing use cases in precise navigation; in high-shock environments; high bandwidth and low data latency making the product highly suitable for weaponry payloads, infra-red Earth Observation, highly accurate airborne and shipborne gravimeters and highly precise drilled navigation.

The expert panel:

  • Vivien Lagorge, MEMS Program Manager, Thales, France
  • Olivier Lefort, MEMS Expert and Product Design Authority, Thales, France
  • Edgar Hinüber, CEO and Managing Director, iMAR, Germany
  • Dimitrios Damianos, Technology and Market Analyst – Imaging & MEMS, Yole, France
Dimitrios Damianos - Yole Développement

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