Key Events Create New Momentum in the Inkjet Printhead Industry – Webcast

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What will the colorful face of the inkjet printhead industry be as it enters the new decade?

The inkjet printhead industry is again moving into a new era of restructuring and huge investments. The digital (r)evolution is pushing the printing industry into emerging markets. Textile printing, packaging and labels as well as functional printing for printed electronics or displays promise great growth.

Epson has just completed construction of its new factory at its Hirooka Office campus, which cost more than $180M, to dramatically increase its production of PrecisionCore printheads. Konica Minolta has acquired Inkjet printhead assets from Panasonic to access MEMS production capacity and to grow internal knowledge about the technology. MEMS technologies are on the roadmap of several Piezoelectric device players, who want to access high volume and high printing resolution markets. Fujifilm is maintaining its leading position with its Samba printheads, while Xaar 5601 printheads are providing strong performance to customers in Textile applications. And MEMS is not the only solution. Bulk lead zirconate titanate (PZT) printheads are still the best-in-class for functional inks or ceramic printing applications.

There is new momentum, but also several challenges for inkjet printhead players, in a fragmented commercial and industrial market.

Join Yole Développement and System Plus Consulting in this webcast to get a better understanding of the fast changing inkjet market.

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