LiDAR: One Size Does Not Fit All – Webinar

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Addressing the performance, size and cost challenges of LiDAR for mobile phones, industrial automation and automotive applications.

If you are developing products for mobile, industrial, or automotive applications that can benefit from 3D sensing, you will want to join this informative event.

You will come away understanding:

  • Tradeoffs among LiDAR approaches from mechanical spinners and MEMs to flash to solid-state devices
  • How to address the ‘holy grail’ of performance, cost, and size for different applications
  • How a standard CMOS approach can help scale LiDAR solutions to meet specific form-factors
  • How using liquid crystal metasurfaces (LCMs) holds the key to delivering ranges from 10 m to 250 m
  • The benefits of ‘software defined LiDAR’ to meet your design requirements

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