MEMS Sensors and Imaging Driving a New Age of Technology – Webinar

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Part 1: MEMS Sensors

Despite declining smartphone sales and a stagnating automotive market back in 2019, the MEMS industry is still strong.

  • Voice personal assistants landed hard, their skills are increasing and leading to the era of the Internet of Voice.
  • MEMS microphones are the driving force of this re-evolution being vigorously integrated in smartphones, smart speakers, earbuds, etc.
  • Green mobility, safety and ADAS requirements will increase the demand of pressure and inertial MEMS in cars.

However, the aging MEMS market will need some face-lifting such as better software and algorithms leading to better sensor fusion and processing on the edge, in order to extract more juice from the sensors and lead to new use cases or better end-user experience.

Besides, the unforeseen COVID-19 crisis has paralyzed the whole world: from manufacturing sites being closed to logistics and supply chain problems, the effects are strongly felt. Each market has different dynamics, with automotive being the worst hit sector, while medical applications have the most positive outlook.

MEMS market dynamics, the impact of COVID-19 as well as future trends will be presented in the first session.

Part 2: Imaging Sensors

In 2019, CIS market reached $19.3B exceeding 4.6% of total semiconductor sales. This industry is actively driving developments in new pixel designs and 3D semiconductor technologies.

  • Demand from mobile devices will keep thriving
  • The overall attachment rate for CIS cameras per phone moves towards in average of 3.06 units per phone
  • Growth rate for CIS attachment grew to 25% for 2019
  • In the consumer space, photography’s decline has bottomed out, while smart home devices and home robotics are providing emerging use-cases.

End of 2019, the CMOS Image Sensors industry went into overheating with a combination of high demand and high prices due to capacity limitations. In automobile domain, CIS is a cornerstone technology in the development of machine sensing, artificial intelligence (AI) powered devices such as in advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) applications. It powers many of the on-going revolutions, in new technical products and new use cases.

The second presentation will give a snapshot of the current status of the CIS industry.

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