Quantum Technologies: Understand the Industrial Perspective – Webcast

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Quantum leaps to a commercialization state.

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Quantum technologies cover a wide range of applications addressing key industrial simulation and optimization challenges in chemicals and materials research, logistics, financial services, healthcare, life science, manufacturing and defense. They also pose a critical national challenge to many countries as they address secure communications and database management linked to national security.

Quantum computing is today attracting the most interest from the industrial community, but also from R&D players and investors. But quantum technology is not new. Quantum communication and cryptography has been deployed for many years now for financial and military applications. And quantum sensors are starting to be deployed in industrial applications.
Quantum technology promises much. We estimate the total market value for quantum technologies including computing, cryptography and sensing will increase from about $480M in 2018 to $3.2B in 2030 at a 17% compound annual growth rate.
The quantum technology supply chain is currently getting set up. Large Internet and semiconductor companies like Google, Intel and Alibaba have developed their own quantum computers. But there are many other players developing the tools and critical technological components. For example, cryogenic technologies and software will be critical parts of future quantum computers.

Yole Developpement’s webcast will give an overview of the current status for quantum technologies, including computers but also communication and sensing. We will discuss our market forecast as well as the upcoming challenges that must be faced for quantum technologies to turn into a viable business.

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