Smartphone flagship battle: from sensors to modules to image quality – Webcast

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Market, technology, cost and performance analysis of the latest Apple, Samsung and Huawei smartphone flagships

The CMOS Image Sensor (CIS) market reached $20.7B revenue with a 7.3% Year-on-Year growth rate amid a global epidemic crisis and trade war issues between the US and China. Yole forecasts a 7.2% Compound Annual Growth Rate for the 2020-2026 timeframe, with revenue reaching $31.5B within five years. The growth is still primarily powered by mobile, comprising 71% of the market. But security and automotive have now become the two secondary growth engines for CIS demand.

This webcast will present and compare information about the front and rear red/green/blue cameras from the three smartphone market leaders, Samsung, Huawei, and Apple, based on detailed optical and scanning electron microscope images of the modules and the image sensors.

Moreover, the webcast will provide insight into the design choices, manufacturing technologies, supply chains, and costs that went into them.

And, as the leader in quality assessment of consumer electronics, DXOMARK has measured and compared the performance of top brand smartphone flagships in terms of camera performance. From specifications to actual photo and video quality, DXOMARK will share its views on trends, disparities, ongoing and upcoming technical challenges.

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