Smartphone SoC market: a $38B battleground requiring leading-edge technologies – Webcast

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An overview of current smartphone SoC market dynamics and the competitive landscape of the top semiconductor manufacturing technologies.

Smartphone OEMs and fabless processor companies are competing at the forefront of manufacturing technologies in the golden market of smartphone SoCs, worth $38B in 2021. Only a few players succeeded in developing competitive SoCs, and 4 players are sharing more than 90% of the market: Qualcomm, MediaTek, Apple, and Samsung. Market shares, strategies, and latest updates will be highlighted within this webcast, including elements such as the newly released Google Tensor SoC and ISP development from Xiaomi and Vivo.

To better understand the strategic choices, a technical and cost analysis of 5nm Smartphone SoCs will be presented in this webinar. We will provide a clear view of how all the leading manufacturers compete in this exciting silicon game. Furthermore, we will compare the design, the physical structure, and the advanced packaging of each SoC and its impact on the manufacturing cost.

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