The next turn will take us out of the MEMS labyrinth or further inside? – Webcast

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In a gloomy economic environment, the MEMS industry is holding up. Following the semiconductor industry, MEMS had its best year so far, but with a slower YoY growth than expected. Consumer and automotive are responsible for almost 80% of the $11.5B market in 2018, driven mainly by inertial, pressure, microphone, infrared, RF and optical MEMS.

Big players are competing in their corresponding established markets, eating up each other’s share of the pie. Competition therefore is getting fierce with each player struggling for differentiation in order to dominate the market.

Piezoelectric tech, sensor fusion, AI & edge computing take the MEMS industry by hand up to the next corner of the market labyrinth. Will they lead it out to new horizons and further growth?

Join us in our next webcast regarding the status of the MEMS industry to find out!

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