The Sleeping Substrate Giants are Awakening

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Substrate makers are developing new technologies in order to step up their performance in advanced substrate platforms.

Historically, the IC substrate & board industry has assumed a passive role, especially with regard to innovation. However, in the past few years  increasing competitiveness has encouraged substrate makers to pursue differentiation.

The advanced substrate  market now follows advanced packaging trends: miniaturization, higher integration, and better performance are becoming the new mainstream. Today, substrate makers are at the forefront of developing innovative solutions such as substrate-like PCB (SLP), embedded die (ED), and flip-chip (FC) advanced IC substrates.

Leveraging the latest industry news and our own market, technology, device teardown, and supply chain analyses, this webcast will provide Yole’s insights regarding FC-BGA,FC-CSPSLP, ED, substrates.

AT&S presentation: “ Substrate Like PCBs for Module- and Systems-Integration”, will briefly address the status of mSAP and SAP technologies, and their potential to play a key role in heterogeneous integration at module and system level applications. Opportunities for component embedding vs. surface-mount & overmold technologies will also be briefly reviewed for key applications.

Join Yole Développement, System Plus Consulting and AT&S for an engaging webcast that covers the past, present, and future of advanced substrates, from technology to market.

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