Trends and Challenges in Semiconductor Lasers for Optical Communications – Veeco Webinar

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The outlook for growth in the photonics market is rosy, thanks to the ever-escalating demand for data – particularly in the midst of our global stay-at-home economy – and the rise in 5G, cloud computing, and IoT applications. 

This 1-hour webcast will discuss the market and technology trends of semiconductor lasers for optical communications. The main emphasis will be placed on InP edge-emitting lasers (FP / DFB) and GaAs VCSELs for datacom (including silicon photonics) and telecom applications. 

Three key industry speakers have been selected with the following topics:

  • Yole Développement will provide an update on the laser diode market for Datacom and Telecom
  • II-VI will provide an overview of key laser features and requirements necessary for success in Datacom and Telecom applications.
  • Veeco will focus on the next-generation MOCVD solution to produce high-performance InP and GaAs lasers with the lowest cost of ownership

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