Will the emerging NVM market continue to soar in 2020 and beyond? – Webcast

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After the take-off of 3D XPoint, the emerging NVM market will keep growing, fueled by both stand-alone and embedded applications.

The last three years have witnessed the take-off and the rapid expansion of the storage-class-memory (SCM) market, which is projected to reach billion dollar revenues within the next few years. Key to this was the introduction of 3D XPoint, an emerging non-volatile memory technology (eNVM) silently developed by Micron and Intel for more than 15 years.

After the launch of the first Optane Solid State Drives (SSDs) in 2017, Intel has introduced Optane NVDIMM persistent memory modules, which are now commercialized in conjunction with the latest Cascade Lake generation of Xeon scalable processors. In 2019, a number of leading players – like Google, Cisco, Dell, and Hewlett Packard Enterprise – have adopted Optane NVDIMMs for datacenter applications, propelling the growth of 3D XPoint sales.

In Q4-2019, Micron finally revealed its own 3D XPoint-based SSD named X100, and other integrated device manufacturers are expected to enter the race with new SCM products.

In the embedded NVM business, top foundries are all getting ready with 28/22nm technology processes for eNVM to be embedded in microcontroller units (MCUs), systems-on-chips or other Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) chips. Notably, in Q1 2019, Samsung announced the mass production of embedded MRAM for applications in MCUs, Internet-of-Things applications and memory buffers. TSMC, GlobalFoundries and Intel have also reported exciting results about their embedded-MRAM production capabilities.    

In this webcast, Yole Développement will provide an update on stand-alone and embedded eNVM technologies and markets, discussing their current status and evolution.

What are the latest technology developments for MRAM, PCM, and RRAM? What can we expect for persistent memory modules and low-latency SCM drives? What goals are foundries pursuing in the embedded memory business? What are the key challenges for eNVM to continue rising beyond 2020? Join Yole Développement’s webcast for a discussion of these questions and gain a better understanding of memory market trends from several perspectives, including market and technology and competitive dynamics.

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