Yole Discovery Webinar: Product Teardowns

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Discover our digital delivery platform for our Teardown Tracks

On December 2nd we will discover together our reverse costing portal through which our customers gain access to a vast array of product and part teardowns. Taking the user from system to chip, for both Consumer goods (Phones, Smart Home, Wearables, Large Electronics) and Automotive systems (ADAS, Infotainment, Telematics, Electrification), the portal provides access to over 1,000 individual products and systems and over 12,000 semiconductor devices. With exquisite images, incredible detailing, and rigorous costing, delivered in a user friendly and intuitive platform, your teams can have a vast array of knowledge on their desktop.

In this one-hour webinar you will hear the “how and why” of product teardowns and discover how your teams can access anything from a single system to hundreds of them, and rapidly expand their understanding of materials, markets, life cycles, costs, competitors, and customers

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