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SYNAPS 2020 – Symposium by Yole Développement and NCAP on Advanced Packaging for Semiconductors

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In these uncertain times, Yole Développement and NCAP are working together to run the symposium as scheduled while guaranteeing health and safety of our participants and an international quality event. Thereby, we adapted the format of our event for this year: in addition to the conference hold onsite in Wuxi, on-demand presentations will be available online for all the attendees who cannot join on-site. In addition, this year, NCAP Open Day will be combined to SYNAPS. We believe that this solution will allow everyone to stay connected with the worldwide packaging industry anyway.

Also, please note that we had to shorten the live date from 2 to 1 day, on September 15th, 2020 and moved to Wuxi, instead of Suzhou.

SYNAPS is happy to be co-hosted with the 7th NCAP Open Day.

We look forward to conference’s great success during this special time of year.


We invite you to join the Symposium by Yole Développement and NCAP on Advanced Packaging Semiconductors, 2020 edition! For its 6th edition, the event has been renamed for:

Symposium by Yole Développement and NCAP on Advanced Packaging Semiconductors

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One year has passed since the latest successful edition. NCAP and Yole Développement are now back with an exciting 2020 program for you in Wuxi, China, this year.

As of, the agenda will be a powerful mix of key sessions related to the industry evolution and technical innovations and effective network times for people who will get the chance to join us on-site. By combining their technical and market expertise, both partners invite you during one exceptionnal day to gain an in-depth understanding of the advanced packaging industry evolution.

Advanced packaging processes are at the crossroad of all semiconductor manufacturing process steps today. For the overall semiconductor companies, advanced packaging is strategic to answer to the industry evolution and ensure the development of their activities. With more and more functionalities, companies have to manage their ability to integrate more and more components on a same die and propose a final product with a high reliability level.

At SYNAPS, 2020 edition, NCAP and Yole Développement invite you to dive deep into the advanced packaging technologies, understand the latest innovations and discover new business opportunities.

Save the date in your agenda right now and let us meet in Wuxi, China on September 15, 2020 !

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