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TechDay: EV/HEV Cost vs. Performance Trade-off: A Battle on Multiple Fronts For Power Electronics

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Nowadays, the electric vehicle (EV/HEV) market is clearly driving the power electronics evolution and many technological developments.

Yole Développement expects a double digit compound annual growth rate (CAGR) with almost 30 million electric cars sales by 2024. Many companies from different segments are actively working to develop products for EV/HEV, as it is a very demanding application: high power density, low system losses, enhanced thermal management, system downsizing, cost reduction… All this together means that the OEMs need to find optimized solutions going from the battery design and battery management system improvement, to system design, packaging techniques for good thermal dissipation and reliability, or new semiconductors enabling higher power density and lower conversion losses. Only the correct synergy between those solutions will make a winner product!

Under this innovative and dynamic market, Yole Group of Companies is organizing the first EV/HEV Techday to provide a complete overview of the ecosystem and technologies being pushed by the EV segment, including amongst others power device packaging, batteries and new semiconductor materials. This will be a great opportunity to meet professionals from different segments (material and equipment suppliers, power electronic device manufacturer, system integrators, car makers…) to discuss challenges, opportunities and timelines for this growing market. This event will take place in Stuttgart, on February 18th, 2019 during the afternoon.


The event is located at the Hilton Garden Inn Hotel, Mercedesstrasse 75, 70372 Stuttgart, Germany

For more information, please contact Léonor (leonor.martin@yole.fr)

We encourage you to attend the TechDay and make sure you will not miss any key information. 

Ticket fees are 100€, including sessions and coffee break.

A Cocktail & Networking Time will be organised after the different sessions.

The preliminary agenda will be available soon.

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