Light and Photonics Performance Analysis

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Characterizing light sources, image sensors and photonic modules, and testing out their real performances

Looking for objective, impartial and qualified measures for photonic modules, light sources (LED, lasers, VCESLs) and image sensors (visible, IR, thermal and SWIR)?

Our ISO 17025 laboratory is accredited by COFRAC since 2016, and is one of the best photometry laboratories in the world. Working on a day to day basis for photonic industrial companies, users of photonic systems as well as R&D organizations, we are able to provide you both accurate measurements but also help the development of your products. The interactions between of the 2 activities, at the service of your product development and qualifications, are quite unique in the industry.

Our accreditation is the guarantee of reliable and recognized test reports and measurements, acknowledged by all international bodies on the market.

We are enabling you to build trust with authorities, certification bodies and inspection bodies, providing them with COFRAC accredited analysis, testing and light calibration. The unique added value of PISÉO is to run the characterization lab in parallel to the optical and photonics system design service. Which means that PISÉO has all the competencies to help your project in all their development phases.


Characteristics covered by the scope of accreditation

  • Luminous flux, color point, color temperature, intensity distribution (IES, LDT files)
  • Electrical measurements (current, voltage, power, power factor)
  • Photo-biological risk

The main standards concerned include: EN 13032-1, EN 13032-4, CIE 121, CIE S 025, LM-79 (US / CA), IEC 62717, IEC 62722-1 IEC 62722-2-1, IEC 62612 , IEC 62471, IECTR62778.

Example of fields covered

1. Photometric and colorimetric measurements

We can help you characterize the performance of light sources and lighting systems: LEDs, VCELs, lasers, lamps, luminaires, motor vehicle lights, screens, indicators, panels… in multiple wavelengths (visible, IR, SWIR, LMIR, UV). Measurements in an integrating sphere allow the characterization of the photometric and colorimetric performances of a light source or a light system.

Radiometric measurements in the UV

Radiometric measurements carried out in a reliable and impartial manner thus make it possible to know precisely the radiation emitted and to determine the performance of devices operating in the UV.

Thermal measurements

We can analyze the thermal management of your LEDs components, to characterize the performance of LED based illumination systems (lamps, modules, luminaires), using thermal camera temperature mapping and punctual thermocouple measurements.

Characterization of displays and luminous surfaces

We can provide you with objective, impartial and quality measurement results for your screens and luminous devices, through luminance measurements and 2D luminance maps, spectral and colorimetric distribution measurements, as well as flicker measurements, carried out in accordance with international standards.

Looking at launching new products involving photonic technologies?

In addition to the characterization lab, our team of engineers and technicians have a cumulated 200+ years of experience in photonic systems design, engineering, characterization and industrialization and go to production strategy, providing you all data, analysis and innovative ideas in order to bring to real life your projects.

PISÉO experts also have the necessary know-how and tools to help you in your search for innovation breakthrough in a relevant, fast and reliable way. We have developed many products using innovative photonic technologies for large leading international companies and high tech SMEs. Systems based on LEds, VCSELs, laser diodes as well as adapted optics, related imaging devices, electronic drivers… are all the building blocks we are developing for our customers to bring your ideas into industrialized products at a predictable production costs.

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