3D display technologies: A new chance to reach the market?

“3D has always been the holy grail of display”, asserts Zine Bouhamri, PhD. Technology & Market Analyst at Yole Développement (Yole). “Indeed it represents the world as human eyes see it. Today goal of display technologies is clearly to match closely the performance and capability of the human visual system.”

As of today many challenges such as the image or display resolution, the number of viewers, the field of view… remain to be solved. When most of these challenges will be overcome, then several waves of adoption could set up, announces Yole in its latest display report, Next Generation 3D Displays. The market research and strategy consulting company investigates the 3D display world and proposes a comprehensive overview and a deep understanding of the today’s technologies and their challenges, Yole’s analysts reveal in this report, the technology status and the related issues. They identify the numerous applications and analyze the ability of the technology to penetrate each market segment.

When will the adoption start? What will the main applications be? Who is doing what today/tomorrow? What is the technical positioning of each key player and the strategy behind? How will evolving the competitive landscape? From imaging to display, Yole invites you to dive into 3D displays… More info.

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