ADAS, a rebirth for the automotive industry

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“The production of vehicles will be heavily impacted by the coronavirus crisis”, asserts Pierrick Boulay, Technology & Market Analyst, Solid-state Lighting at Yole Développement (Yole). “It is expected that three years will be needed to recover and get back to the same level of output.”

At Yole, analysts estimate, the global market for radars, cameras, LiDARs and computing ADAS should reach US$8.6 billion in 2020. Almost half of this market revenue will be generated by radars with US$3.8 billion, followed by cameras with US$3.5 billion. LiDARs will not be significant, accounting for US$0.04 billion and computing ADAS will generate US$1.3 billion respectively.

In this context, the market research & strategy consulting company Yole releases today the Sensing and Computing for ADAS vehicle 2020 report. Under this new report, Yole’s experts have been investigating the industry in order to describe and provide market data on key sensors: Camera, LiDAR and Radar, including revenue forecast and volume shipments for each sensor type, market shares, with detailed breakdown by player and application focus of each sensor. This report points out an in-depth understanding of the main sensors value chains, infrastructure and players. It also presents key technical insights and analysis regarding future technology trends and challenges, and offers a deep understanding of how these sensors work together in a car.

Which strategy will be used to restart the industry after the Covid-19 crisis? Who are the sensor players and how they are related? What is the supply chain of these sensors?… Yole’s analysts sheds light on the Sensing and Computing for ADAS vehicles sector… More info.

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