AI computing for automotive: The battle for autonomy

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“AI is gradually invading our lives and this will be particularly true in the automotive world” asserts Yohann Tschudi, PhD, Technology & Market Analyst, Computing & Software at Yole Développement (Yole). “AI could be the central tool to achieve AD, in the meantime some players are afraid of overinflated hype and do not put AI at the center of their AD strategy”.

The players that have grasped this aspect of the technology battle are already leading the race. The impact of COVID-19 is still uncertain, but Yole’s analysts can already affirm that it will have a profound effect – with autonomy-related research likely to slow down at least this year and next due to cash shortages.

In this context, the market research & strategy consulting company Yole releases today its new technology & market analysis: Artificial Intelligence Computing for Automotive 2020 report. In this new analysis, Yole proposes a comprehensive scenario for AI within the dynamics of the autonomous automotive market, and a deep understanding of the AI’s impact on the semiconductor industry. Including ASP, revenue and volume shipments forecasts, a focus on autonomous car, ADAS and robotic vehicles, this report delivers an in-depth understanding of the ecosystem & players. This study also points out key technical insights and analyses into future technology trends and challenges.

What is the status of AI for automotive applications? Who are the players? What relationships exist within the ecosystem? Who will win the “autonomous battle”? Who are the key suppliers to watch, and what technologies do they provide? Yole presents today its vision of the AI computing industry for automotive applications… More info.

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