Antennas for 5G: Samsung, Intel, Ericsson, and Huawei and more have begun extending their portfolios

Today, the IP landscape related to antenna for 5G is still unsettled, announces Knowmade. With more than 75% of patent applications still pending, much will change in the coming years.

“After an initial period of domestic patent applications, the main IP and market players including Samsung, Intel, Ericsson, and Huawei, have begun extending their portfolios worldwide”, comments Paul Leclaire, PhD. Patent & Technology Analyst at Knowmade. “Samsung and Intel appear to be the two leaders currently best-positioned to limit their main competitors’ patenting activity and freedom-to-operate.”

With its new patent landscape analysis, Antenna for 5G and 5G-related Applications, Knowmade proposes today a deep understanding the key players’ patented technologies and current IP strategies. According to Knowmade’s analysts, more than 620 patent applicants are involved in antennas’ development for 5G applications.

Under this dynamic context of development, this report is a real opportunity to get a deep understanding of the ecosystem and key players’ IP position through a detailed analysis of their patent portfolios. With this new analysis, Knowmade also explores capability of each player to limit other firms’ activities related to antenna for 5G.

What will be the impact at the antennas’ level, in term of technology evolution and market trends? How will leading players manage 5G introduction? What are the current R&D efforts made by these companies? What is the status of the IP landscape? Knowmade, partner of Yole Développement (Yole) proposes today a valuable and comprehensive overview of the antenna patent ecosystem… More info.

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