Audio industry: It is all about technology choices

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The reverse engineering & costing company, System Plus Consulting, has researched the audio industry for few years now, delivering a wide range of dedicated studies with various focuses in audio tech: in-depth product reviews, solutions, product technologies and cost comparisons, technical reports and more.

In this regard and in order to offer the most comprehensive and detailed understanding of the audio industry, System Plus Consulting announces today two new reports: Infineon Sealed Dual-Membrane (SDM) MEMS in Goertek Microphone and Consumer MEMS Microphones Comparison:
• Infineon Sealed Dual-Membrane (SDM) MEMS in Goertek Microphone is a full reverse costing study, focusing on the microphone developed by Infineon and Goertek for Apple’s AirPods Pro.
• Consumer MEMS Microphones Comparison is an in-depth comparative review of the technology and cost of 19 MEMS microphones developed by leading semiconductor companies.

Both reports illustrate the growing interest in innovative audio technologies. Without doubt, many questions are pending today, and many players have strong R&D efforts driven by the attractive consumer industry. The consumer MEMS microphone market is expected to be worth US$1.6 billion in 2024, up from US$1.2 billion in 2018, announced System Plus Consulting’s partner, Yole Développement (Yole), in its audio technology & market report, Microphones, Microspeakers and Audio Solutions Market and Technology Trends. Indeed, the market research & strategy consulting company intensively analyses the audio market and technologies and offers a comprehensive understanding of the supply chain in this report.

Yole’s analysts also had the opportunity to interview Dr. Roland Helm, Head of Sensors at Infineon Technologies, one of the two leaders in the MEMS microphone die industry. Discover how voice human-machine interaction is making noises in the MEMS industry on i-Micronews.

What is the status of the microphone technologies today? What are the technology choices made by Infineon Technologies for its latest MEMS devices? Who is leading the audio market? How will the audio industry evolve?… System Plus Consulting and Yole invite you to dive into the world of sound and gain an understanding of the relevant technologies and challenges, and the strategies of the audio players behind them. More info.

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