Automotive industry: vehicle autonomy & electrification are pushing the adoption of advanced packaging

“Advanced packaging solutions will double their market shares within the automotive industry in the coming 5 years, reaching US$550 million” announces Mario Ibrahim, Technology & Market Analyst at Yole Développement (Yole).

Two automotive megatrends, autonomy and electrification are today pushing the development of multiple devices with dedicated packaging. Without doubts, the automotive sector is changing – or put another way, is finally open to change and adopting disruptive technologies such as advanced packaging.

The market research & strategy consulting company Yole announces its new advanced packaging report, Automotive Packaging: Market and Technologies Trends. After a 1st edition published in 2018, the advanced packaging team pursued its investigation to refine its understanding of the technologies, the related issues and the automotive ecosystem… More info.

Advanced packaging for automotive applications and more will be part of the SYNAPS program. Therefore, Yole’s advanced packaging team is pleased to announce its annual advanced packaging symposium with a new name, SYNAPS. Organized in collaboration with NCAP China, SYNAPS will take place on March 31 and April 1st in Suzhou, China. Call for Paper and sponsorship offers are now available. More on SYNAPS. Stay tuned on to get an update of Yole’s activities all year long!

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