Automotive lighting: from “Vision” to “Driving Assistance”

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“Autonomous vehicle technologies have a direct impact on traditional vehicles market and behind that the automotive lighting industry”, announces Martin Vallo, PhD., Technology & Market Analyst, Solid-state Lighting at Yole Développement (Yole). “ADAS represents clearly a strong opportunity for the automotive lighting companies. For highest levels of autonomy, a combination of sensors in addition to AI and digital lighting will be so implemented for all weather capability.”

Without doubts, automotive lighting will evolve from a pure “Vision” function to a “Driving Assistance” function.

The market research & strategy consulting company Yole analyzes this evolution in a new dedicated automotive lighting report, titled Automotive Advanced Front-Lighting Systems report. Yole proposes a comprehensive overview and deep understanding of the automotive lighting market and advanced technologies. This report analyzes the current status and future trends related to automotive front-lighting market applications, reviews the automotive lighting industry’s structure and future trends, examines the AFLS used for automotive applications, especially ADAS ones, and the associated roadmaps. This study also points out market insights and details regarding benefits and drawbacks, integration status, development roadmaps, market forecasts and much more.

Lighting is evolving from a basic passive feature used in vehicles to help the driver to see the road in dark conditions to a new function where lighting becomes an active feature able to detect oncoming traffic and reduce glare. The evolution of lighting technology with increasing resolution gives the possibility to enable new functionality like projections on the road. Trends toward ADAS, lighting digitalization and deep integration of advanced sensors will enhance the functional content of headlamps. And this will bring synergy to the automotive lighting and sensing industry… More info.

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