Fan-Out: Will it continue to exceed expectations?

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“We have seen a growth in adoption of FO packaging over the year.” Indeed Stéphane Elisabeth, Technology & Cost Analyst from System Plus Consulting tells us the story: “It started a long time ago… Samsung has lost Apple’s APE packaging fight to TSMC thrice in a row since 2016. But, with SEMCO FO packaged APE+PMIC by panel-level manufacturing, the competitive landscape has been modified. Then, today, with PTI a potential leader in FO, an exciting new chapter in fan-out history begins.”

Under this dynamic industry, System Plus Consulting offers a comprehensive reverse engineering and cost analysis dedicated to the FO packaging: Fan-Out Packaging Processes Comparison 2020. The company proposes an overview of the FO technologies available on the market developed by leading packaging companies: Infineon’s eWLB – nepes’ RCP – TSMC’s info – Samsung’s ePLP – ASE’s M-Series. Analysts also detail a comparative study of eight selected components from PMICs to processors including radar MMICs using FO technologies. This report highlights the technical choices made by leading OEMs and reveals a detailed cost analysis of each solution. Detailed information about System Plus Consulting’s FO report is now available: Here.

Without doubts, TSMC is the HD FO fan-out leader. SEMCO, Samsung’s subsidiary is probably the next biggest FO contender. And today PTI appears as a potential OSAT outsider in FO… Because of innovations and market evolution, the battle will never end. System Plus Consulting and its partner Yole Développement (Yole), tell you the story… More info.

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