GaN-on Si: many opportunities are driven by microLED, power electronics and RF electronics…

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“2015-2020 period has shown tremendous and decisive changes within the GaN-on-Si landscape, especially the strategy of players involved,” affirms Nicolas Baron, CEO and Co-founder of KnowMade. He adds: “For example, Toshiba’s withdrawal from white LED market and the acquisition of IR by Infineon Technologies in 2015”. (Read a dedicated article focused on the power electronics consolidation on

At that time, Toshiba and IR were already leading the GaN-on-Si patent landscape, while several historical IP players including Panasonic, Sanken Electric, Toyoda Gosei, etc. had already slowed down their patenting activity in this field. Furthermore, after IR, Transphorm, Panasonic and GaN Systems started sampling/commercializing their first GaN-on-Si power devices between 2010 and 2015, a second wave of companies has entered the playground in the last few years: ON Semiconductor, Dialog, Navitas, VisIC. More companies, such as STMicroelectronics, are expected soon, demonstrating the growing interest for GaN-on-Si technology in the power electronics business.

Yole Group of Companies, including Yole Développement, KnowMade and System Plus Consulting, are deeply engaged in the analysis of the overall GaN industry. The three companies are working together day by day to get a deep understanding of the market and its status. They follow innovations, evaluate their impact on the market and analyze the strategy of the leading players. Their aim is to get a comprehensive overview of the transformation of this industry.

Today, KnowMade announces its patent landscape analysis focused on GaN-on-Si technologies: GaN-on-Silicon – Patent-Landscape Analysis. This report enlarges the collection of reports performed by Yole Group of Companies in this domain. It is part of the full GaN reports collection, including today, Power GaN: Epitaxy, Devices, Applications & Technology Trends, RF GaN Market: Applications, Players, Technology and Substrates and MicroLED Displays from Yole, RF GaN – Patent Landscape Analysis , Power GaN – Patent Landscape Analysis and GaN Power & RF – Patent Monitoring Service from KnowMade, and Medium Voltage GaN HEMT vs Superjunction MOSFET Comparison from System Plus Consulting.

In addition, the Group proposes a special focus on the power electronics industry with a dedicated online event on January 30: “First Milestone for GaN Power Devices”. This webcast powered by Yole, System Plus Consulting and KnowMade is a great opportunity to understand and get a better vision of the GaN ecosystem and its supply chain, collect market figures and trends and discover a spotlight on the IP strategy of the key players. Register today!

“Intel and Macom are leading the GaN-on-Si patent landscape for RF electronics applications,” says Remi Comyn, PhD, Compound Semiconductors and Electronics at KnowMade.

Intel’s RF GaN-on-Si patent portfolio mainly relates to III-N transistors used in SoC, RF switches, ultra-short channel lengths, field plates, and III-N/Silicon monolithic IC. Still, about 75% of Intel’s portfolio are composed of pending patent applications distributed mainly between USA with 17 patents and Taiwan with 20 patents… More info.

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