InP market is driven by the photonic sector with fiber optical applications for telecom & datacom

The InP wafer market is today dominated by the high-speed fiber optic communication market, as InP is capable of emission and detection in wavelengths above 1000 nm. The InP wafer market is so largely impacted by the photonics market, especially driven by datacom and telecom applications…

Each market segment is using InP as a substrate for both laser diodes and photo diodes in optical transceivers. Driven by the 5G arrival and the impressive growth of datacom business, the InP wafer and epiwafer are showing a strong attractiveness. Yole Développement (Yole) announces a US$172 million market by 2024, with a 14% CAGR between 2018 and 2024.

The market research and strategy consulting company Yole proposes this month a new compound semiconductor report dedicated to the InP wafer and epiwafer industry. Titled InP Wafer and Epiwafer Market – Photonic and RF Applications, this report provides a deep understanding of this industry with a comprehensive description of the applicative market segments, photonics and RF electronics.

Yole’s analysts reveal the status of InP wafer growth and epi growth technology and analyze the powerful ecosystem with market dynamics, key players by market sizes and forecasts. Business development is not only limited to the photonic markets. Yole’s Power & Wireless team also investigated other markets including LiDARs and handset PA .
Yole offers you today a clear picture of the InP potential and business opportunities… More info.


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