MEMS industry: the headwinds from COVID-19 and the way forward

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“2020 is the year that COVID-19 has changed our view about the world, from finance to ecology to us, humans” asserts Dimitrios Damianos, PhD, Technology & Market Analyst, Photonics & Sensing at Yole Développement (Yole). “Naturally, Yole expects that there will be an effect on MEMS markets. Indeed, we have accounted for a combination of positive and negative scenarios regarding the main markets, applications and devices concerned”.

Not all MEMS markets will be affected in the same way by the pandemic, for sure. What will be the status of the MEMS industry?

This is a chance for MEMS to be used in very different applications. While working from home will favor the market for data centers and accelerate the deployment of 5G, the lockdown has slammed the brake in markets such as automotive and, in a lesser extent, consumer devices due to a dramatic drop in demand.

In this context, Yole and its partner System Plus Consulting investigate disruptive MEMS technologies and related markets in depth, in order to point out the latest innovations and to underline the overall business opportunities.

In this regard and in addition to numerous teardown tracks published by System Plus Consulting, Yole’s Photonic & Sensing team releases today its annual report, Status of the MEMS Industry 2020. This analysis is an update of Yole’s best-selling “Status of the MEMS Industry” report, which was first released in 2004. Analysis, market consolidation and forecasts were done during May 2020 using Yole’s database, with the effect and hypotheses regarding COVID-19, dating end of April 2020.

This study provides the latest major information and key facts of the MEMS industry. Considering the COVID-19 impacts, the analysts examine the MEMS market and propose a complete review of the industry and future trends. Including market forecasts, main player market shares, ecosystem, supply chain and market and technology trends, the report provides a detailed description of this industry.

This report also proposes an up-to-date analysis of more than 15 different devices, including inertial, microphones and pressure in six different markets, consumer, automotive, industrial, medical, telecom, defense and aerospace.

What are the economic and technological challenges? What are the impacts of COVID-19 on the MEMS industry in both the short and long term? What are the key drivers? Who are the suppliers to watch, and what innovative technologies are they working on? Yole’s analysts present today its vision of the MEMS industry.

According to the new Status of the MEMS Industry 2020 report, MEMS for consumer devices will be mainly supported by RF MEMS. It will continue to grow in 2020 and beyond due to the expanding 5G and sub 6 GHz band rollout that precipitates the need for BAW filters. Including RF MEMS the consumer market contracts only by 2.6%, but without RF MEMS it is poised to slump by 16% in 2020. A recovery to pre-COVID levels is expected in 2021, and growth will resume… More info.

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