Power GaN market is booming, pushed by lot of success stories

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Y2019/2020: THE YEAR OF GAN?
Beginning of 2020 has been full of exciting news!

Indeed the GaN power industry has been pushed by an impressive demand coming from consumer fast charger market. Lot of announcements made by leading OEMs (Oppo, Xiaomi, REALme…) have caught the attention of Yole’s analysts…

“This is only the beginning of power GaN market’s emergence,” asserts Ezgi Dogmus, Technology & Market Analyst at Yole“GaN has taken an important leap in its challenging course and is expected to also enter other major OEMs’ such as Apple and Huawei fast chargers. In this context, 2020 and 2021 are important years to watch for further market acceptance and the speed of GaN based high power changers’ proliferation.”…

The beginning of 2020 shows that this year will be the year of GaN. But SiC is certainly continuing its emergence. Driven mainly by the EV/HEV, EV charging infrastructure, and power supply applications, Yole expects SiC power discrete and modules to play a key role in the upcoming years…

Yole’s Compound Semiconductor Quarterly Market Monitor on SiC and GaN power applications will be published every beginning of March (Q1), June (Q2), September (Q3) and December (Q4). Aim of these services is to provide an in-depth coverage of rapidly changing market dynamics and main players’ status and strategy.
This is why Yole’s Quarterly Market Monitor will also evolve and incorporate step by step a new module on RF GaAS and RF GaN markets in the Q3 2020 edition, next to the existing Power GaN and Power SiC module.

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