Q2 2019: Memory business is approaching the bottom

“Combined DRAM and NAND revenue was US$25.4 billion in Q2 2019, down 5% from Q1 and down 39% year-over-year as sluggish demand and elevated inventory levels continued to plague the memory markets”, announces Simone Bertolazzi, Memory Technology & Market Analyst at Yole Développement (Yole).

After the summer break, Yole Group of Companies including Yole, System Plus Consulting and KnowMade is pleased to come back to you with a detailed snapshot of the DRAM & NAND industries. This overview includes latest market figures and trends from Q2 2019. 

What are the latest news? What is the status of the market indicators? Is the market still growing? What are the revenues of each key memory players? What are their strategies, facing to the market evolution?… Memory analysts from Yole Group invite you to discover an up-to-date overview of this industry….

“NAND market conditions remained soft in Q22019, with seasonally weak demand and abnormally high inventories keeping thepricing environment under downward pressure”, announces Walt Coon, VP of NAND and Memory Research and part of the Semiconductor &Software division at Yole.

“While westill anticipate several more quarters with falling prices, the recovery iscoming into clearer focus”, details MikeHoward, VP of DRAM & Memory Research at Yole. “Prices are expected to fall 45% in 2019 and continue falling in early2020 before prices begin climbing in mid-2020.”More info.

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