Sensor makers are becoming a growing interest for the HVAC sector

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The gas sensor market for HVAC applications is showing one of the most important growths within the overall gas and particles industry, between 2018 and 2023. Indeed, Yole Développement (Yole), the market research and strategy consulting company, has forecast a US$ 107 million market in 2023 with an impressive 12.5% CAGR between 2018 and 2023.

During the same period, Sensirion, manufacturer of sensors for the measurement and control of flow and environmental parameters released a humidity, temperature and carbon dioxide concentration sensor, the SCD30. This device is the first solution offered by the Swiss company especially developed and designed for HVAC systems. It announces the entrance of Sensirion within this growing market segment and more HVAC sensors will follow (Example: the announcement of the SCD40 in May 2019)…

This interest is not only illustrated by Sensirion and its latest developments. Indeed Knowmade, in its Miniaturized gas sensors – Patent landscape, has seen a big increase in patenting activity related to miniaturized gas sensors in 2017-2018. This evolution within all gas sensor market segments, including HVAC, is mainly due to new inventions from Bosch, AMS, NGK, Sensirion and new entrants such as MicroJet Technology, Spirosure, Carrier Corporation, LG and Apple. The patent filings currently pending reflect a particular interest by the competitors in European and Chinese markets. Historical IP  players Siemens, Honeywell and General Electric have the strongest patent portfolios, especially Siemens, which illustrates the most important contribution to the prior art in the field of miniaturized gas sensors…

The reverse engineering and costing company, System Plus Consulting, offered today a detailed structural, process & costing report focused on Sensirion’s SCD30, a competitively priced miniature carbon dioxide, relative humidity and temperature sensor combo: Sensirion SCD30: NDIR CO2 and humidity sensor.“Sensirion has developed a thermopile die based on its air flow sensor technology, called CMOSens®.” says Sylvain Hallereau, Senior Cost Analyst at System Plus Consulting. “This technology allows integration of CMOS digital and analog functions with a very thin membrane manufactured in the metal layer”... More info.

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