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“The T3S thermal camera by IRAY Technology (IRAY), has been developed for consumer or industrial applications,” states Olivier Andrieu, PhD., Innovation Leader and System Architect at Piséo, part of Yole Group of Companies. “IRAY’s camera produces thermal images on a smartphone and provides local temperature measurements. It belongs to a portfolio of compact thermal camera plug-ins for smartphones, including the T2L and T3S PRO cameras. The T3S model integrates a Raytron microbolometer die RTD3172 at 17µm pixel pitch and offers intermediate features compared to the T2L camera, which is more compact, and the T3S PRO camera, which is more accurate. These cameras are dedicated to industrial inspection, animal observation and electronic testing applications. IRAY has developed a wide range of cameras with different resolutions and accuracies.”

During 2019, the thermal imaging market grew strongly. Chinese players, including IRAY, increased their presence with impressive innovative technologies, to reach more than 200K units. In 2020, due to the COVID-19 outbreak and fever detection applications, the overall thermal camera industry, including the Chinese companies, benefitted from the situation and reached sales of US$6.6 billion, according to Yole Développement, part of Yole Group of Companies.

In this dynamic ecosystem, Piséo investigates the disruptive thermal imaging technologies and evaluates the latest innovations.
As an independent Innovation Center, the company releases today a new technical report dedicated to an analysis of the performance of such a camera: IRAY T3S: IRAY T3S Thermal Camera Performance Analysis.
With this analysis, Piséo provides the first comprehensive and independent survey of the main features, performance, and imaging system architecture of the T3S camera developed by the Chinese company, IRAY.
Carried out by a team of experienced optical and system engineers, this technical report relies on robust and comprehensive test protocols and thorough analyses of the test results. The outcome of this process is a set of typical performance indicators, such as responsivity, NETD, scene dynamic range, operability… as well as an assessment of the functionalities. Together, the results deliver a relevant and detailed evaluation of the T3S camera, manufactured by IRAY.

What are the functionalities and uses of the T3S camera? What is the optical architecture and design, as defined by IRAY? What are the performance characteristics of the camera? What is the impact of scene temperature on its performance? Is the performance in line with IRAY’s announcement and datasheet?

Piséo’s analysts invite you to discover IRAY’s technical choices through an in-depth added-value analysis of its T3S camera… More info.

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