TF-SAW vs. BAW: RF companies set their objectives and make strategic choices

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“Qualcomm and Murata are today leading the RF filters market,” asserts Stéphane Elisabeth, Technology & Cost Analyst from System Plus Consulting. “In the smartphones industry, within the filters market segment, the two companies are today facing off, and competition is fierce.”

For many years, BAW filters have been the leading RF filter technology for high frequency bands in mobile communication. Last year, Murata released a new filter based on a TF-SAW technology, the Incredible High Performance (IHP) SAW filter. Without doubts, this technology allowed Murata to address multiple smartphone functions, including PAMiD and diversity receivers.
TF-SAW filter technology definitely disrupts the market and in performance directly competes with BAW filter. Murata has taken advantage of this technology to develop a large panel of customers and applications and reinforce its strategic market positioning. This innovative RF front-end module has been analyzed in-depth by System Plus Consulting in a dedicated Murata IHP SAW Filter report.
“With this technology choice, Murata is now able to enter the high frequency market, reaching Wi-Fi front-ends, for instance,” explains Stéphane Elisabeth, from System Plus Consulting. “The IHP SAW filter has shown results comparable to competing BAW filters in this field.”
The story does not stop there as Murata’s challenger, Qualcomm, is challenging this year with its own TF-SAW RF filter. With this announcement, the US company could dominate the market…

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