The 5G revolution is pushing innovations for RF front-end SiP

Without doubt, 5G has arrived and various key smartphone OEMs have already announced products that will support 5G cellular and connectivity. It is clear for everyone that 5G will totally redefine how the RF[1] front-end interacts in-between the network and the modem. The new RF bands[2] pose so big challenges for the industry. The megatrends are today directly impacting the semiconductor and the advanced packaging industries and 5G is of course part of them.

“5G will bring more packaging business for OSATs[3], asserts Santosh Kumar, Principal Analyst and Director Packaging, Assembly & Substrates, Yole Korea.

Yole Développement (Yole) and System Plus Consulting, pursue their investigation towards the advanced packaging world and especially highlight today the ones focused on RF applications for cellphones. Under the dynamic context related to the 5G revolution, the leading advanced packaging companies are strongly investing to propose impressive technologies: “From a technology viewpoint, base stations to smartphones, protocols to hardware, semiconductor devices and packaging, 5G requires disruptive innovations and not incremental ones as it was mostly the case in the past,” explains Santosh Kumar from Yole.

This month, both partners release three dedicated reports dedicated to the RF SiP[4] technologies. With both analyses, Yole and System Plus Consulting would like to give a broad understanding of the industry evolution, the innovative technologies and the strategy of each players.

The “Advanced RF System-in-Package for Cellphones” is a comprehensive review of the SiP market for various RF front-end modules in the mobile business. Market figures, technology trends, competitive landscape and more are part of this analysis.

In addition, System Plus Consulting proposes two case studies to point out the technology choices made by the leading players and the benefits of each of them, with: “Broadcom AFEM-8092 System-in-Package in the Apple iPhone Xs/Xr Series” and “The Advanced packaging technology in the Apple Watch Series 4’s System-in-Package”.

Based on a real synergy between their expertise, the companies offer an exhaustive comprehension of SiP solutions for the RF applications… More info.

[1] RF: Radio frequency

[2] Sub-6 GHz and mm-wave, as defined in 3GPP release 15

[3] OSAT : Outsourced Semiconductor Assembly and Test

[4] SiP : System-in-Package

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