The inverter industry is building a momentum for change

“The power electronics industry is strong driven by EV/HEV development and even stronger is the impact in the global inverter market,” announces Ana Villamor, PhD. Technology & Market Analyst at Yole Développement (Yole). The inverter market keeps steadily growing, boosted by electrification and CO2 reduction targets. The EV market segment is today driving the development of the inverter industry, with different applications such as charging infrastructure, renewables and energy storage. With 27% CAGR between 2018 and 2019, this sector is also showing impressive technological innovations that answer the market demand…

Yole announces its technology & market report, Status of the Inverter Industry

The inverter industry is building a momentum for change. Yole’s analysts describe today the status of this industry and its evolution.

Electrical power-conversion optimization is driven by different factors: for example, electrification trends in transportation, CO2 emission reduction goals, the development of clean electricity sources, and industrialization. The power inverter market follows the big megatrends, and so one could directly link these different markets’ growth with the inverter market’s dynamics.

For a simpler understanding of inverter dynamics, Yole’s power electronics analysts differentiates between two business types:

  • Transport including EV/HEV and rail, and energy with wind, PV, electricity grid, and charging infrastructure. These segments are often linked to big projects dependent on subsidies and political/governmental decisions
  • Industrial segments including UPS and motor drives, which are less volatile and more linked to electrification… More info.

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