Ultrasound: a new era of prosperity for CMUT and PMUT

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“In 2019, the ultrasound sensing module industry was an impressive market of US$4.6 billion”, states Jérôme Mouly, Team Lead Analyst, Sensing & Actuating at Yole Développement (Yole). “In 2025, it is estimated at US$6.2 billion with a 5.1% CAGR between 2019 and 2025. This market is a mix of applications, ranging from those that have reached a certain threshold of maturity, to others that are emerging with growth opportunities”.

Ultrasound technologies have recently experienced renewed momentum linked to the development of microsystem technologies. After more than 30 years of development, CMUT and PMUT devices were finally integrated and recently marketed. But what is the status of this industry today? Have these new developments received wide adoption? What are the applications and opportunities of interest?

In this promising context, both partners, Yole and System Plus Consulting investigate disruptive ultrasound technologies and related markets. They point out the latest innovations and underline the business opportunities through an extensive collection of market and technology reports.

Released today, the Ultrasound Sensing Technologies 2020 report from Yole gives detailed analysis of the ultrasound industry. This report provides forecast metrics for each ultrasound sensing module and delivers an in-depth understanding of the ecosystem and players. Including market trends, revenues and forecasts, supply chain, technology roadmaps, take away and outlook, this study also shares key technical insights and analysis on future technology trends and challenges. 

In parallel, the reverse engineering & costing company, System Plus Consulting releases the Butterfly Network iQ CMUT Sensor report, to analyze the CMUT chip. This study includes the complete teardown and cost analysis of the ultrasonic MEMS transducer and the ASIC die developed by Butterfly Network.

What are the economic and technological challenges of the ultrasound industry? What are the market drivers of the market? Who are the key suppliers and what technologies do they provide? How will evolve the PMUT and CMUT technologies? What are the impacts of COVID-19 on the ultrasound market?

Yole and System Plus Consulting are pleased to present today the state of the art of the ultrasound world… More info.

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