UVC LEDs: one solution to contain the COVID-19 pandemic

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“Finally, we are here. After more than 10 years of waiting, in 2020, the UV LED market could ramp up and reach the billion-dollar mark very rapidly.” asserts Pars Mukish, Business Unit Manager, Solid-State Lighting & Display at Yole Développement (Yole).There is good in everything bad, and the recent COVID-19 pandemic has created some perfect use-cases for the technology to spread across a rapidly-changing disinfection/purification market.”.

According to Joël Thomé, CEO of PISEO: “Indeed, according to the optic and photonic innovation platform, in the current context of health crisis due to the SARS-CoV-2 virus, the need to prevent contagion through disinfection has become a major issue. Like other coronaviruses, this new virus can be destroyed by UVC radiation. With the emergence of UVC LEDs, the question of the relevance of using this technology to stop the current epidemic arises”.

In this context, both companies, Yole and PISEO investigate disruptive LED technologies and related markets in depth, in order to point out the latest innovations and underline the business opportunities.

Released today, the UV LEDs – Market and Technology Trends 2020 report from Yole gives detailed analysis of the UVC LED market by disinfection application, of the UVC LED manufacturing cost and of the main UV LED applications. Including market forecast, supply chain, technology manufacturing, performance, price and industry analysis, this study reviews the global UV LED industry. This new report also studies COVID-19 pandemic’s impacts on the UV LED business.

In parallel, the UV-C LEDs at the Time of COVID-19 report from PISEO points out the artificial and principles for integrating UV-C LEDs and sizing systems for disinfection, in relation to the required doses. This report studies the dimensioning and implementation of UVC LED systems for disinfection and the characterization of their germicidal efficiency. It also analyzes the regulations and standardization of the UVC LED in Europe and provides the state of the art of UVC LED technology and the outlook for performance changes, compared to traditional UVC sources.

What is the status of the UV LED industry? What are the economic and technological challenges? What are the key drivers? Who are the suppliers to watch, and what innovative technologies are they working on? How does the COVID-19 outbreak impact each UV LED market segment?
PISEO and Yole deliver today a detailed and comprehensive overview of this industry… More info.

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