Will Apple adopt MiniLED technologies for its next iPad Pro.?

Amidst the flurry of MicroLED activities and its huge investments, US$800 million to date, and at least US$100 million in 2019, a new term also emerged in early 2017: MiniLED.

“MiniLEDs are better distinguished from MicroLEDs by a combination of size, application, architecture and manufacturing infrastructure,” explains Zine Bouhamri, PhD Technology & Market Analyst, Displays at Yole Développement (Yole). And he adds: “MicroLEDs require major technology breakthroughs and disruptions in assembly and die structure, as well as a significant overhaul of the manufacturing infrastructure. MiniLED chips only require incremental evolution of standard LED chips with very similar architectures and can be manufactured in the same fabs with only minor upgrades”.

Over the last few years, an unprecedented variety of display technologies has emerged, including OLEDs, quantum dots, dual cell LCDs, MiniLEDs and MicroLEDs. Companies all seek to better deliver the new advanced features required to stimulate demand and pricing in various display end-markets. This poses a challenge for panel makers, as multiplying technology development paths can be costly. However, one key benefit of MiniLEDs is that they leverage proven technologies, allowing minimal capital expenditure and faster development timelines… Yole releases a dedicated technology & market report dedicated to the MiniLED technologies and market, MiniLED Displays 2019. This analysis presents recent MiniLED technology status and trends including chip, assembly and driving levels. It proposes an updated adoption roadmap and volume forecast for displays and epiwafers and details on potential upsides such as LED cinemas or automotive lighting.

What is the exact definition of MiniLEDs? Why is there a confusion between Micro and MiniLEDs? What are the benefits of MiniLED technologies? What will be the role of MiniLEDs, especially within the high end display market segment? Who will successfully adopt this technology? The market research & strategy consulting company proposes today a snapshot of the MiniLED industry…. More info.

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