YG PRESS NEWS – SatCom Chipset: the Huawei vs Apple battle

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iPhone 14 Pro vs Mate 50 Pro: what are the emergency satellite communication chipset technologies developped by the leading smartphone manufacturers?

  • The year over year growth has been reduce in 2022 on the iPhone sales. The iPhone and the wearables got the lowest growth compared to 2021 in the revenue.
  • In 2022, with the iPhone 14, Apple introduce the emergency SOS Satellite service in partnership with GlobalStar.
  • On the consumer segment, the US ban still ongoing has blocked some semiconductor supply chain for the company (TSMC for example, …). This result in a smaller market for the company (almost 50 % less in 2021 compared to 2020).
  • In 2022, with the Mate 50 Pro, Huawei introduce the Short Messaging Satellite service on the regional area of Beidou’s satellite constellation coverage.

In 2022, with its Mate 50 Pro working with Beidu Constellation, Huawei launched the world’s first smartphone to feature Emergency Satellite Communication (ESC) in the ASEA area. Yet, the Apple iPhone 14 Pro, wich is working with GlobalStar Constellation, is the very first advertised smartphone with ESC in the U.S.. Both smartphones have a unique chipset to provide a connection to the satellite, coupled with GPS coordinates. For this application to be efficient, it must have a perfect alignment with the satellite, and the connection needs to be established for enough time to allow an exchange with the smartphone. To do so, each smartphone integrates a best-in-class GPS receiver to compensate for the doppler effect, calculate the future position of the satellite, and coordinate the communication through the cellular transceiver and a specific front-end chipset to receive and transmit the signal on the S/L frequency band…

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