YG PRESS NEWS – Semiconductor test consumables industry: a new hope for 2024?

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Test consumables, including probe cards, burn-in, test sockets, and device interface boards, are expected to surge in 2024 after a challenging 2023, driven by high demand for GPUs and DRAM due to AI advancements.

  • AI-based search engines like ChatGPT are driving up the demand for GPUs and DRAM, as they require approximately 10 times the computational power of traditional search engines.
  • The burn-in and test sockets market, valued at US$1.5 billion in 2023 after a 17% decline, is expected to grow again in 2024, with long-term projections reaching over $2 billion by 2029.
  • Despite an 18% drop in semiconductor probe card revenues in 2023, a rebound is anticipated in 2024, alongside the Device Interface Board market, which experienced a 1.0% decline to US$1.4 billion.

According to Yole Group, in the Semiconductor Test Consumables Market Monitor Q1 2024, the recent success of ChatGPT is driving a surge in demand for AI-supportive computing infrastructure, which could potentially reshape the competitive landscape for core internet products like search, currently dominated by Google. This shift would increase the demand for GPUs and DRAM, as AI-based search engines (such as ChatGPT) require roughly 10 times the computational power of traditional search engines. Recovery in 2024 is expected to be fueled by improved overall semiconductor demand and accelerated adoption of high-bandwidth memory and high-performance computing applications. The rollout of advanced high-performance packaging is boosting wafer sort intensity, and photonics-related testing, though small, is rapidly growing.

The semiconductor market and the test consumables market are both on the upswing.

The long-term growth of the burn-in and test sockets market is projected to align with the average mid single-digit growth rate of the semiconductor industry, potentially reaching over US$2 billion by 2029.

Although semiconductor probe card revenues dropped by 18% in 2023, they are anticipated to rebound in 2024. Similarly, the burn-in and test sockets market, which decreased by 17% in 2023 to US$1.5 billion, is expected to grow again in 2024.

The Device Interface Board market experienced a 1.0% decline in 2023, reaching a value of US$1.4 billion. Additionally, the number of PCB manufacturers capable of meeting the advanced requirements for device interface boards and leading-edge PCBs for probe cards is decreasing… For more information about this analysis, please contact us!

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