Yole Développement and System Plus Consulting combine their expertise to become Yole Group

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More than just a simple change, Yole Group has the ambition to become the world leader in strategic market and technology analysis in the fields of semiconductors and related industries.

Yole Développement (Yole) and System Plus Consulting today announced the creation of Yole Group and its entities, Yole Intelligence and Yole SystemPlus.

For more than a year, both partners have been considering a common and unique evolution of the two companies. This stems from the development of the semiconductor industry and its growth, questions and requests from manufacturers and other leading players, and the need to clarify what each company offers.
Today the project becomes a reality with:

  • The creation of Yole Intelligence, which encompasses the expertise of Yole Développement, with a strong focus on market and technology trends.
  • The new name of System Plus Consulting: Yole SystemPlus, which dives deeply into the technology with valuable teardowns, and reverse engineering and costing analyses.
  • And the introduction of Yole Group, with a new visual identity combining Yole Intelligence and Yole SystemPlus.

This evolution illustrates a shared commitment to growing by comprising multidisciplinary experts and developing business with the sole aim of responding to requests from the industry.

The clearly identified distribution of product and consulting services offered by Yole Intelligence and Yole SystemPlus will be presented on a new and dynamic internet platform,, that will enable easy navigation and quick access to information and products.
In addition to the company’s description, product information, and library, Yole Group’s website covers the latest news from the semiconductor industry as well as interviews with leading companies and unique editorial content created by Yole Group’s analysts. These noteworthy stories will be part of a new dynamic section, Industry Insight (formerly i-Micronews).

Jean-Christophe Eloy President, Yole Group
“This is a significant and natural step for us. It marks strong growth for our teams. It will support the visibility of each entity and the transparency of the offering for our clients”

There are many reasons to explain the success and growth of Yole Group. First, it focuses on areas of semiconductors that had little presence in terms of market analysis. Second, it is due to the double role of Yole Group’s analysts, who combine industry knowledge with an understanding of the technologies and their challenges. Finally, to expand its scientific and technological expertise, the group implemented an inorganic growth strategy embodied by its partnership with Yole SystemPlus.

Romain Fraux CEO, Yole SystemPlus
“The partnership with Yole SystemPlus allows Yole Group to integrate product-oriented technical analyses. With this association, we master the notion of component costs precisely and develop a valuable understanding of the entire supply chain, including the strategic and technical choices made by semiconductor leaders.”
Thibault Buisson CEO, Yole Intelligence
“Synergies between Yole Group’s partners, Yole Intelligence and Yole SystemPlus, have enabled us to take advantage of our own methodologies and knowledge spectrum to expand our expertise and offering. Moreover, we have enabled the various players to benefit from our remarkable growth in recent years.”

Yole Group will undoubtedly continue to develop by applying its strategy of both organic and inorganic growth, which has proven successful so far.

“Our objective is to increase our skill set to have an even more global and forward-looking vision of the semiconductor market and the technologies that define it,” adds Jean-Christophe Eloy. “In plain terms, it will be about broadening the spectrum of existing activities and even collecting new initiatives to anticipate the technologies of tomorrow”.

Along with its consolidation, the Yole Group is expanding with the creation of two subsidiaries, in mainland China and the United Kingdom, as well as becoming a major shareholder of Piséo, the center of innovation and industrial expertise in the analysis of electro-optical performance and the integration of photonics technologies.

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