Market Monitor

RF GaN Compound Semiconductor Market Monitor

By Yole Intelligence

RF GaN-on-Si enters 5G Telecom infrastructure market while Defense and Satcom contribute to growth of RF GaN


Key Features

  • 2023-2029 forecast for RF GaN devices Telecom infrastructure, Defense, Aerospace, Consumer markets (Munits, $M)
  • 2023-2029 forecast GaN-on-SiC and GaN-on-Si wafers & Epiwafer for RF GaN devices (Munits, $M)
  • RF GaN Market trends, including  Split by technology platform GaN on SiC or GaN on Si for MMIC or discrete devices.

What’s new?

  • Q4-2023 revenues at device, epiwafer and S.I. SiC substrate level. Macom's company profile. Update on telecom and defense forecast and extend to 2029.

Product's objectives

  • Quarterly update of the data
  • Market forecast through 2029 in M$US for devices, wafers and epiwafers and units for wafers and epiwafers for RF GaN
  • Market forecast breakdown by technology including discrete, MMIC and wafer type and size
  • Market players at device, epiwafer and wafer level for RF GaN including SEDI, Wolfspeed, Qorvo, NXP, SICC, Coherent, Macom and from 2021 to present by M$US revenue
  • Track supply chain & Fab capacity GaN-on-SiC and GaN-on-Si

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