Market and Technology Trends

Smartphone RF Market Monitor

By Yole Intelligence

5G to the rescue: when a weaker demand leads to a bigger market.

Key Features

  • Smartphone production forecast by OEM
  • Smartphone production forecast by market segment
  • Smartphone production forecast by cellular air standard (5G,4G,3G)
  • Overall market at RF board level in $M including Wi-Fi connectivity, cellular RF front end, 5G mmWave, geolocation, cellular SoC, and RF transceiver
  • Cellular RFFE market in $M, Munits at board level
  • Market shares at board level in $M
  • Cellular RFFE market in $M, Munits at die level
  • Cellular RFFE component market $M, Munits, broken down by technology
  • Cellular RFFE wafer forecast
  • Main market player revenue breakdown

Product objectives

The RF front-end industry is constantly innovating to meet the needs of smartphone OEMs. The market is evolving rapidly for each wireless communication technology, from cellular to connectivity and geolocation. This is the consequence of our ubiquitous connected world for which smartphones are at center stage. In this boiling ecosystem, the competition is fierce, and differentiation is key. Yole Intelligence has built on its expertise to provide a product that enables stakeholders to keep up with changes in the market, competitive landscape, and technological disruption.

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