Market and Technology Trends

5G MMTC and IoT Platforms - Technology and Market Trends 2021

By Yole Intelligence

Cellular IoT to get full benefit of 5G starting in 2023 and to reach 900M units a year in 2026.


Key features of the report:

  • Executive summary
  • Market forecasts
  • System level forecast
  • Key features of the report:

    • Executive summary
    • Market forecasts
    • System level forecast
    • RF component level forecast
    • Wafer forecast
    • Market trends
    • General market dynamics
    • Cellular IoT for existing and new applications
    • Focus on 4G/5G public frequencies
    • Focus on 4G/5G private frequencies
    • Focus on ISM unlicensed frequencies
    • mMTC 5G IoT cost breakdown
    • URLLC, edge computing and AIoT
    • General expectations for IoT
    • Market shares and supply chain
    • Market shares
    • Cellular IoT modules market shares
    • RF components market shares
    • Supply chain
    • Ecosystem and technology landscape
    • IoT chipset and module makers
    • Technology trends
    • Transmission module
    • RF communication
    • Network infrastructure


    Objectives of the report:

    There has been a lot of movement in the IoT field with the arrival of 5G. With the development of network slicing, a technology mainly intended for IoT. Moreover, regulators are opening frequencies for private networks that private companies would directly license. Furthermore, new 5G connectivity industrial modules are emerging. In general, the value chain is starting to mature and now offers convenient solutions for IoT developments using cellular connectivity; It is expected to solve most of the previously seen IoT adoption and development problems. It also means that the volumes for 5G IoT and cellular IoT, in general, will start their ramp-up quite soon. However, they won’t reach the unrealistic advertised volumes. Indeed, cellular IoT will persist as a combination of niche applications without the awaited expansion into personal area networks, i.e., wearables and consumer electronics. In this context and following our reports on 5G telecom infrastructure and on RF front-ends for mobile handsets, we decided to publish a report dedicated to Cellular IoT and 5G’s impact in this domain. It describes the general market dynamics and offers realistic prospects regarding the market potential at the RF front-end level.

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