Market and Technology Trends

Artificial Intelligence for Medical Imaging 2020

By Yole Intelligence

With the emergence of AI in imaging, the medical industry and the radiology profession have begun to dramatically change.

Key features of the report

  • Artificial intelligence (AI) technologies used in medical imaging applications
  • AI software companies’ strategies
  • Evolution of business models and positioning
  • Cloud and on-premises computing for AI
  • Regulations and constraints inherent to the medical imaging field
  • Ecosystems, market forecasts and major trends

Objectives of the report

  • Provide an overview of the market of AI in the field of medical imaging in terms of number of algorithms deployed and the value they generate for every player involved, at medical device level, AI platform level, and algorithm development level along with the understanding of the ecosystem, technologies used, strategic positioning, and how these will evolve in the coming years
  • Present the current market data and forecasts depending on the modality studied (MRI, CT scans, X-rays and Ultrasound) and its application in the patient diagnostic process (noise reduction, screening or diagnostics), in dollar value and volume of images analyzed
  • Identify where the opportunities lie for each type of player along with a detailed description of the regulations and constraints of this field. In addition to the current overview, an introduction of the evolution of those regulations in the coming years is presented

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