Market and Technology Trends

Computing and AI Technologies for Mobile and Consumer Applications 2021

By Yole Intelligence

Penetrating everyday products will see the market for AI technologies for the consumer market reach $5.6B in 2026.

What's new:

  • Inclusion of wearables markets, including smartwatches, True Wireless Stereo (TWS) earbuds, audio headsets, Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) headsets with market trends, ecosystems, forecasts, and technology trends
  • Hardware technology trends analyzed in detail
  • Wider scope including most computing processors, not only focusing on AI. Forecasts for the main processors for all applications studied in volumes shipped, Average Selling Price (ASP) and revenue

Key Features:

  • Types of hardware for smartphones, drones, smart home devices including smart speakers, smart TVs and cameras and wearable devices including smart watches, TWS earbuds, and AR/VR headsets
  • Consumer processor forecast in volume shipments, ASP and revenue
  • Forecast for AI penetration rate into main processors, with unit ASP and revenue
  • AI technologies used in consumer applications
  • Edge computing for AI
  • Ecosystems, market forecast, and trends
  • AI consumer technology trends, including hardware evolution and AI integration
  • Investments, mergers and acquisition analysis

Objectives of the report:

Provide an understanding of computing trends and dynamics for key mobile and consumer applications:

  • Market dynamics and segmentation breakdown by application and end-system
  • Systems - volume shipment forecast
  • Hardware for consumer application - revenue forecast, volume shipment forecast, ASP
  • Type of hardware associated with each end-systems, key trends and dynamics

Provide a scenario for AI within the dynamics of the consumer market, and understand AI’s impact on the semiconductor industry:

  • Hardware for AI - revenue forecast, volume shipment forecast
  • Focus on consumer applications with embedded technologies: smartphones, consumer drones, smart speakers, smart TVs, home security cameras, smartwatches, TWS earbuds, AR and VR headsets

Deliver an in-depth understanding of the ecosystem and players:

  • Who are the players? What are the relationships inside this ecosystem? What happened in the last three years?
  • Who are the key suppliers to watch, and what technologies do they provide?

Offer key technical insight and analysis into future technology trends and challenges:

  • Key technology choices
  • Technology dynamics
  • Emerging technologies and roadmaps

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