Market and Technology Trends

Epitaxy Equipment for More than Moore 2021

By Yole Intelligence

The market for epitaxy equipment, such as MOCVD, HTCVD, and MBE, crucial in Power and Optoelectronic applications, is expected to reach around $1.1B in 2026.

What's new:

  • Epitaxy equipment portfolio of major epitaxy equipment vendors
  • Focus on China: sales in China of major global equipment vendors and a look at their counterparts from China
  • Substrate diameter trend for each epitaxy equipment type (MOCVD, HTCVD, and MBE)
  • Competitive landscape based on equipment vendor positioning (by application and epi-material type)
  • Equipment forecast (2020 – 2026) breakdown by epi-material, substrate size, and equipment type
  • Epitaxy equipment industry news for MOCVD, HTCVD, and MBE vendors

Key features:

  • 2020-2026 epitaxy equipment market forecast (by application, substrate type, equipment type, and epi-material)
  • 2020 epitaxy equipment market shares; Competitive landscape for equipment vendors by epitaxy equipment type, epi-material type, and application type
  • Focus on China: sales in China for major global equipment vendors and a look at their counterparts from China
  • Overview of leading players and supply chain using epitaxy equipment (by application, by substrate type, and by epi-material)

Objectives of the report:

  • Present the current status of epitaxy equipment technologies (by equipment type, epi-material,and application)
  • Provide detailed information about different semiconductor applications addressed by epitaxy growth technology
  • Furnish an overview of the technological trends involving epitaxial layers
  • Provide market metrics for epitaxy equipment used in MtM semiconductor applications (2020 – 2026)
  • A snapshot of the equipment vendors competitive landscape and an exploration of supply-chain synergy by identifying key players in the epitaxy field

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