Performance Analysis

Four Thermal Cameras: Performance Analysis

By Piseo

Comparison of architecture, sensor performance, image processing and tone mapping functions of four thermal cameras, based on measurement and independent analysis.

Key Features:

  • Analysis and comparison of the user functions of the camera and the development resources of the four thermal cameras
  • Analysis and overview of the image production processes and internal architectures
  • Set-up and objectives of the camera characterization
  • A comparative analysis of the bolometric sensor performance for raw images quality, responsivity, Noise Equivalent Temperature Difference, bad pixels, thermographic function and Residual Fixed Pattern Noise profile
  • Analysis and overview of the image processing and tone mapping functions
  • Our opinion of the four thermal cameras and their marketing positioning


Product objectives:

This report aims to provide a comprehensive comparison of independent analyses of the main features, performance, and imaging system architecture of four thermal cameras:

  • InfiRay T3S camera module
  • Teledyne FLIR BOSON 640 Pro camera
  • Seek Thermal S309P 12µm x 12µm QVGA module
  • InfiRay Micro III 384T camera module.

The analysis has been based on physical measurements, calculations, simulations and observations realized in PISÉO’s lab in comparison with data provided in the datasheet. This report incorporates four previous reports dedicated to each tested camera, which contain detailed performance analyses and explanations.

These reports help thermal imaging camera and module market actors to better understand the characteristics of such products, enabling better strategic decision making.


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