Technology, Process and Cost

Google Tensor G3 SoC in Pixel 8 Pro

By Yole SystemPlus

A full physical and cost analysis of Google’s newest smartphone SoC Tensor G3 in Pixel 8 Pro. 


What's new?

Analysis on the most recent Google self-designed smartphone SoC

Report objectives 

  • Provide technology data, manufacturing cost and selling price.​
  • Teardown details on Pixel 8 Pro smartphone to reveal the components supporting the SoC on the main board of the phone​
  • Physical analysis of packaging and processor die with X-ray, EDX, optical microscope and scanning electron scope.​
  • Samsung 4 nm FEOL analysis with transmission electron microscopy (TEM). 
  • Process flow analysis on Samsung FO-PLP technology
  • Clear view on the technology and supply chain.
  • SoC package size,  die size, die delayering to reveal the manufacturing ​
  • SoC floorplan to reveal the IP architecture.​
  • Smartphone SoC manufacturing, its supply chain and cost structures.

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