Market and Technology Trends

High-end Inertial Sensors 2024

By Yole Intelligence

Geopolitical dynamics and rising defense and aerospace demands propel the high-end inertial market to $3.7 billion in 2023


Key Features 

  • Latest updates on high end inertial sensors market volumes and revenues for 2023.
  • Overview of best future growth opportunities and key market drivers for these sensors.
  • Detailed view of the ecosystem product released-wise and funding-wise.
  • Detailed analysis of high-end inertial sensors solutions market shares included.
  • Broad overview of technology trends provided.
  • Key comparisons between all technologies available for these kinds of sensors and roadmap for the future.

What’s new?

2019-2029 forecasts in units and revenue for high end inertial sensors


Report objectives

This report is an update of Yole Intelligence’s best-selling “High-End Inertial Sensing” report, first released in 2008 and last released in 2022. This latest edition is an updated version with typical parts explored:

  • The market is quantified for accelerometers and each gyroscope technology. The leading companies’ yearly shipments and revenues are estimated.
  • Market metrics are provided for each grade of gyroscope: each application is positioned according to performance level and corresponding market size.
  • Applications are described synthetically in order to provide rapid access to key information (functions, specifications, technical solutions, trends, and market evolution) and a graphical representation of the industrial chain. Market trends are also given according to the applications.
  • Technology has always been Yole Intelligence’s focus, and in this report, the main technologies are discussed and compared. The main trends are described (this version includes a slight focus on photonic integrated circuits for fiber optic gyros).

The high-end inertial business is a “tough” market to dissect. The different technologies, levels of integration, performances, and the numerous applications of major markets all lead to a complex description of this broad market. In addition, as we deal with critical applications (defense & aerospace), the availability of various data is limited since many players are reluctant to discuss and disclose information about these sensitive markets.

This report combines Yole Intelligence’s best knowledge of high-end/high-performance inertial sensor industry. Yole Intelligence regularly participates in industry conferences and tradeshows worldwide and has close relationships with most market leaders. This report synthesizes the status of the 2023 high-end inertial sensor industry thoroughly.

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