Performance Analysis

InfiRay Micro III Camera Core Performance Analysis

By Piseo

Comprehensive and independent thermal imaging analysis of the main features, performance, and imaging system architecture of the InfiRay Micro III camera core.

Key features:

  • Thermal camera market overview
  • InfiRay company profile
  • Camera presentation, functionalities, and use
  • InfiRay Software Development Kit (SDK) and viewer software overview
  • Image sensor standard characterization methodology from PISEO
  • Sensor performance characterization
  • Micro III correction function analysis
  • Image processing and tone mapping algorithm analysis
  • Camera performance comparison with other thermal camera modules
  • PISEO’s opinion of the Micro III 384T IR Camera

Report objectives

Today, there is no independent thermal camera performance analysis covering both bolometric sensor and image precision and characteristics.
Based on PISEO's characterization standards, the thermal camera analysis from PISEO aims to:

  • Verify the performance values communicated by the manufacturers,
  • Compare performance with other thermal cameras,
  • Study performance in different conditions.

This analysis is aimed at sensor designers, system architects, marketing teams and sales teams.


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